My passion for filmmaking began at a young age under the influence of my father. At age 4 I spent weekends commuting to and from New York visiting my father at Film School. Through this, I was able to develop a passion for filmmaking as I got directly engaged with his work. At age 5, my father began a film production of his own production The Voodoo Dancer.  I was able to interact and augment a greater relationship with the different aspects of filmmaking. 13 years later and I’m still able to recall my favorite moments spent with my family and those involved with the movie. Growing up, I attended theater camps and film camps to expand my understanding of the arts and to engage with the same passion that had evolved from my father. Although not primarily interested in acting, I flourished in behind the scenes work including editing, filming, and producing. I’m an active participant in my high school's Theater program, taking classes such as Introduction to Theater and Scene Study and participating in school productions. I began working as stage crew, and in my junior year was able to become the stage manager for my high school’s Fall production.

I founded Film Neev to teach the youth how to use filmmaking as a medium to spread awareness and knowledge about critical current events. Additionally, I began to work closely within the Sikh community in hope to inspire the youth to share their stories to combat misconceptions about Sikhs and ultimately put an end to the modern culture of hate crimes that has become endemic for many Americans.


~ Tanya Singh

With my palm supporting my chin, looking outside my windows, I have occasionally been seeing psychedelic images of the Sun Rising In The Evening, Birds Flying Without Wings, and the Tress Singing Silence; this sustained my restlessness through and through, in spite of me, to do something like this.

When I was growing up, I always felt fascinated by moving images of Film and Television I was curious to know more about the mechanics of Film and Television production. With time coming closer to choose a career path, I broke the news to my parents that I want to go to Pune Film Institute. As expected, it solicited a big no-no from them. Reason being film industry considered an exercise in vain, given the world of materialism and pragmatism. I had to cave into my parents’ wishes to join the time-tested field of engineering catapulting me to America. But as the cliché says it was a blessing in disguise, as I realized my dream of getting film education from America.

Fast forward, after going through various turns and turmoils of life supported by family and friends, last month I started second coming of passion for films. Film Neev camp, which started as a thought, encouraged by family and friends, infused new confidence in me. There was something beyond that one-week film camp. The cul-de-sac opened after meeting such a talented kids and I found the much-awaited playground to see my ideas and advise seeing the light of the day in the shape of the genesis of Film Neev / Film Foundation school for kids.

I am sure that Film Neev school would provide a befitting platform to those students who aspire, pine and feel themselves cutout for the highest pinnacle of glory in the domain of various genres of filmmaking.


~ Harbaldeep Singh