Story/Screenplay/Dialog Writing

This class will focus on the fundamentals of visual storytelling and provides students with constructive analysis and support as they take story from initial idea, treatment, step outline to a rough draft, and finally, a shooting script. The intersection of story structure, theme, character, tension, and conflict is examined through detailed scene analysis.


This class emphasizes the basic elements of the craft of acting, scene study and monologue work as starting points. In conjunction with these classes, students participate by acting in films of their other classmates. Big advantage is that acting class takes full advantage of the numerous films that will be shot by our other students.

Cinematography and Lighting

This class prepares the student through carefully designed practical exercises and theoretical instructions to learn cinematography and the lighting as a persuasive production tools as well as to handle the technology changes with confidence.

Editing and Sound Design

This class consist of lectures that combine technical information and demonstration. Examples carefully chosen from films support the concept and increases students understanding of the techniques being studied. Students apply the information learned in class to their group film projects.

Film Direction

This class gives students the all-around filmmaking experience necessary to make their own films. In teams they all write, shoot, direct and edit 5-10 minute short film based on themes given to them.