Film classes for children ages 8-18 offer a unique teaching approach that introduces students to the art and science of filmmaking. Students learn life skills like collaborative problem solving, critical thinking, and self-confidence byrotating through all aspects of filmmaking in a fun environment. This 12-week filmmaking program offered by Film Neev will include 2-hour classes every Saturday and/or Sunday (a total of 25 hours of hands-on training – last class will be 3 hours) to train students on the art and craft of filmmaking.
From the first class, students will work hands-on with state-of-the-art film equipment to become familiar with tools needed to tell a story and learn the fundamentals of directing films.

Students will be introduced to many different aspects of filmmaking to help them to become well-rounded filmmakers such as Acting, Story/Screenplay Writing, Camera and Lighting, Video and Sound editing and Direction. All of these will demonstrate both the creative (Art) and technical demands (Science) of filmmaking. Each student will write, direct, and edit two short films over the 12 weeks. In addition to working on their own films, students also work on their classmate’s films in a variety of positions that include camera operator, gaffer, and grip.

Students will shoot on digital video cameras and learn how to compose, direct, and light for quality images and edit using digital editing software. If you love films and are passionate to tell stories through audio-visual media this class is for you! Come Aboard!