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"From Women, Man is Born" uses the Sikh value of equality as its theme, with a specific focus on gender equality. The filmmakers chose to show gender (in)equality over a long time span, showing how young girls are discriminated on the sports field just as women are in the workforce with unequal pay rates. Using Sheryl Sandberg's (COO of Facebook) book "Lean In" as inspiration, the film effectively integrated core values of Sikhism with modern-day issues.

"I think it is very impactful and important that this topic was the basis of this film. I enjoyed how the morals and values of the topic were clearly related to the Sikh values of women. Great use of the shabad at the end.

​​​"I really enjoyed how I was able to follow the characters through different pursuits. I enjoyed the 'rewind' and 'second trial' of each situation.  Although the film was a silent  film, I was still able to clearly follow through the story and comprehend the ultimate message of the movie. Well done!"



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from woman, man is born 

"I enjoyed the clever take on the woman receiving a physical 'half' check in comparison to her peer's full check. Wonderful job conveying a message of equality to the audience!" 


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