"I enjoyed how the students brought in a familiar face to the movie. It allowed the audience to fully understand the grasp of equality within a gurdwara, regardless of any previous knowledge of Sikhi."


Production Stills 

​​​"The students did a great job representing Sikh values using modern day faces and situations. The movie itself was filmed very well as it showed all the different aspects of being in a gurdwara and the values practiced within it. "




"The movie thoroughly depicted the values of equality within a gurdwara. From showing the president having to cover his head, to eating langar, to doing seva, the students did a brilliant job conveying this important value. I have never seen a religious film take on such a modern approach. Great job!"

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In the king's court 


“In The King’s Court”, no one is special! You may be the biggest deal there is, the strongest person in the world but we are all equal in the eyes of God. No one is special or higher than others in the true king's court. 
This movie focuses on awareness about Sikhs, the Gurudwaras where Sikhs worship and some of Sikhism's basic tenets by telling a  contemporary version of a 16th century incident. 
When Sikh leaders in awe of the most powerful visitor fail to muster the courage to uphold the decorum (maryada), would anyone brave the odds to maintain the dignity of Guru's house? Is it willful arrogance of the mighty or innocent ignorance?