Tanya Singh

Co-founder - Writer, Cinematographer, Editor

Tanya Singh's Portfolio

Tanya Singh is a current high schooler at Worcester Academy, MA. Her passion for filmmaking began at a young age under the influence of her father. At age 4 she spent weekends commuting to and from New York visiting her father at Film School. Through this, she was able to develop a passion for filmmaking as she directly engaged with his work. At age 5, her father began a film production of his own production The Voodoo Dance. Tanya was able to interact and augment a greater relationship with the different aspects of filmmaking. 13 years later and she is still able to recall her favorite moments spent with her family and those involved with the movie. Growing up, Tanya attended theater camps and film camps to expand her understanding of the arts and to engage with the same passion that had evolved from her father. Although not primarily interested in acting, Tanya flourished in behind the scenes work including editing, filming, and producing. Tanya is an active participate in her high school's Theater program, taking classes such as Introduction to Theater and Scene Study and participating in school productions. Tanya began working as stage crew, and in her junior year was able to become the stage manager for her high school’s Fall production.

Tanya Singh is a co-founder of Film Neev and is currently Film Neev’s main editor. She is also a screenwriter for upcoming productions and helps in writing the curriculum for classes and organizing screenings events and courses. Over the summer, Tanya produced movies for Sikh camps and for her local Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) using aerial footage and state of the art film equipment. Using different editing programs including Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Adobe Premiere Pro, Tanya is able to interact with a diverse set of editing platforms, able to make each video unique. She teaches the students how to use these editing programs and continues to broaden her knowledge as well.

Tanya founded Film Neev to teach the youth how to use filmmaking as a medium to spread awareness and knowledge about critical current events. Additionally, Tanya began to work closely within the Sikh community in hope to inspire the youth to share their stories to combat misconceptions about Sikhs and ultimately put an end to the modern culture of hate crimes that has become endemic for many Americans.

In college, Tanya desires to study business and aspires to integrate filmmaking with her education; Tanya hopes to pursue a career in this field as well.

Harbaldeep Singh

Co-founder - Director

Harbaldeep Singh is a new generation leader in the Media industry with an extensive business, technology and film production background. He got his film training from New York Film Academy and previously founded a media company PTI Media Networks and successfully launched a popular TV show “What’s Up TV” for the South Asian community living in North America on the PAX network. Earlier he has written, acted and directed various plays and short films. He has also played the lead role in an English film, “Perceive”. Past experience also includes founder and senior engineering roles at multiple startups.

Harbal is a recipient of the 62nd Primetime Emmy Award (2010) for inventing a media technology used extensively in Film and TV
Productions. He also received a US patent (US 20120257877) for inventing a video streaming technology to buy stock footage within non-linear editing software.

He founded Film Neev to impart formal filmmaking education to kids and to provide a befitting platform to students who aspire, pine and want to reach the highest pinnacle in the domain of filmmaking. In 2016 he conducted two very successful filmmaking courses

Education: MBA, MFA (Film and Television) and B.Tech (Computer Science)