Super kaur and super singh 

 "Super Kaur and Super Singh" is a play on Superwoman and Superman since Sikh women and men share the surname Kaur and Singh, respectively. The evil super villain threatens to destroy their Gurudwara (Sikh place of worship). Upon learning about his scheme, the superheroes come to the rescue. The villain tries to weaken the superheroes by stealing their articles of faith. The film was great metaphors for evil villains of today who challenge the fundamental beliefs of religious and ethnic minorities to divide.

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(super singh)

danvir singh nijjar  

Production Stills 

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   james dhesi  

"My children love this movie! They have been watching it on repeat since they first viewed it. I have never watched a movie like this before!"


"The students wrote and executed a great piece of work. The script was well written and the students used a clever concept to depict the importance of the 5 K's and their significance to the Sikhs.  "




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kirpal singh rayat

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tanisha kaur kapoor 

​​​"Brilliant concept! Love how the 5 K's were tied into the movie, and how the superheroes attained victory at the end. A great film for the kids as well as a great educational film!"