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​​​"The actors in Three Golden Rules did a terrific job in representing the true meaning of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Golden Rule. The children in the movie clearly depicted that there is a core value in having respect and caring for others. This concept is clearly shown by the act and concept that the students picked."




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"The movie does a phenomenal job of portraying a universal message of generosity in such a simple, relevant, and elegant manner. Moreover, it serves as reminder to everyone of all ages to practically apply these teachings in their day to day lives."


(kid 2)

aekem deep singh



raunaq singh mokha

AGE 13

"I thoroughly enjoyed the movie as it represents such a powerful message. At such a young age, these students were able to deliver such an impactful message to their audience. Themes of hard work, respect, and caring are continuously referred to throughout the short film."


tanisha kaur kapoor

AGE 10

Three Golden Rules 


(kid 1)





(kid 3)

harmandeep singh

AGE 11


"Three Golden Rules" is based on the basic three tenets of Sikhism: Remembering God, Sharing what you have with others, and earning a living through honest means and hard work. The plot revolved around three brothers who earned money for a new video game console by running a lemonade stand. Having raised money for this console, they returned home with no money. What happened to that money, the dilemma they faced and the decision they made based on their Sikh learning's was a premise of this film.